Project. Presentation of a possible solution to the "millennium problem" - the problem of equality of P and NP classes. Dubai, UAE

Based on the results of 4 years work, a group of researchers from the Republic of Kazakhstan developed a polynomial algorithm for solving the NP-complete problem. This scientific discovery was made under the guidance of the Kazakh scientist Sinchev B.K. - the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the International University of Information Technologies, one of the developers of automated systems for on-board control of the "Buran" spacecraft.
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Ensuring the work of the press office on a turnkey basis. Creation of a communication strategy, including interaction with domestic and foreign media, establishing a system of feedback and accreditation of journalists.
Writing and distributing press releases throughout the media base.
25 materials were published in international media and 22 materials in domestic media
Distribution of press releases to 2.156 addressees in 219 countries of the world. Accreditation of 6 foreign media for the event. Published 29 posts and 16 stories from opinion leaders, in publics and groups on social networks Facebook, Instagram.
According to the results of the PR campaign, the geographical coverage by country includes Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Kazakhstan, the USA and the Republic of Serbia.
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