Hello! My name is Nazym Zhangazinova.

I'm PR and Сommunications specialist

Nazym Zhangazinova
Founder of the communication boutique agency
called "NazymPR", where more than 100 cases
have been successfully implemented.
About me
— Specialist in the British-Japanese communications, gaining work experience in "Dentsu Aegis" - one of the leading holding company
— Master of Science in Management, University of International Business
CPD Certified Specialist in PR, London Training for Excellence
— Have been working in the field of public relations and media for more than 7 years, 4 of which being the company owner
— The author of online courses on PR and communications in the Kazakh language
— Experience in the implementation of PR-campaigns in various fields of activity: politics, culture and art, sports, agro-industrial complex, banking sector, heavy industry, etc.
— Creating multilingual content - Kazakh, Russian, English
Founder of the communication boutique agency called "NazymPR", where more than 100 cases have been successfully implemented.
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Nazym is a professional who has paved her way to success in the world of Media and PR with perseverance, hard work and talent. She is a rare specialist in this industry, who can combine strategic thinking, a subtle sense of different audiences and at the same time have a quick toolkit multiplied by a quality network.

Forte has been working with Nazym since 2017 and has consulted her in building media relations, adapting content for social media, researching local audiences, and deploying image campaigns. In the process of interaction, Forte always can count on a quick response from the Nazym team, deployment of tactics and releasing publications without lengthy negotiation processes, anticipating the reaction of the market and its segments and including generated lists of lessons learned.

Both personally and on behalf of Forte, I am ready to recommend Nazym for consulting in projects related to building sustainable Media Relations and influence on wide audiences, resolving tensions with individual media and resources, as well as developing and implementing PR-related strategies.
I am infinitely grateful to every member of our party who contributed to this great cause. I would especially like to note the work of Nazym Zhangazinova.

Our PR director, who tirelessly was the main conductor of the whole process 24 hours a day. Nazym has united all the work made by our professionals and brought to the voters with the highest cutting of information, captivating with its novelty and simultaneously making it accessible and understandable for a large segment of our population.

I am restrained in compliments, but Nazym is the face of our party! Pure, unblemished. This is a gift from God! She is a talent which our country and our society need. At the same time, she is very modest and educated. I want to wish happiness to her and her entire family.
I am very grateful to the PR-manager of the Baqytty Bala project – Nazym Zhangazinova.

PR is about the direct communication, as well as providing complete information about the project for representatives of the media and the public.

Thanks to Nazym, materials about the Baqytty Bala festival-competition and fans of Dimash Kudaibergen were published in 100 sources of information.
I am personally convinced that Nazym Zhangazinova is an expert in PR communications.

One of the last cases where she showed her high level of professionalism is the pre-election PR campaign of the political party Adal. In a short time, she was able to make a positive image of the party and gently knockув angles off a problem in the information field.

I am impressed that Nazym does not work through the prism of stereotypes, she overstepы the boundaries and sets new trends.

I absolutely recommend Nazym as the PR expert of new generation.
Nazym Zhangazinova was convinced of great professionalism during the parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan.

As a journalist, I needed to be in touch with political parties: I was interested in the election program, how they present themselves and how they react to the voting results. Nazym Zhangazinova at that time led a PR campaign for the Adal party. Here is a small digression.

There is a well-known fact - the parties in our country, in addition to the ruling party, are activated exactly before the elections. "Adal" is not an exception. They carried out a rebranding, as far as I know, attracted new faces, conducted a very active campaign in the regions. The updated "Adal" against the background of competitors seemed to me then more open and attractive. In fact, it turned out that way. My colleagues and I, which is important - from the independent media, could easily contact Nazym Zhangazinova at any time: ask for a speaker, comment on some events, these were mostly sensitive topics. "Adal", against the background of the others, was more willing to make contact with journalists, regardless of their status. I heard about this from other colleagues in the shop.

As for the work of Nazym Zhangazinova, I was pleasantly surprised. It was responsiveness, punctuality and specificity. All what the journalists need. If it was necessary to give a comment in two languages, then it was done without any problems. Nazym could immediately find the required speaker. I always wondered what other information was needed, whether everything turned out as it should. Finally, I would like to say: there would be more such PR specialists in every company and government structure - it would be easier for journalists to work, and in front of the population, it seems to me, their image would change for the better.
Nazym Zhangazinova possesses a large amount of knowledge not only on PR, but also on modern technologies for the correct presentation of content, and most importantly, taking into account the peculiarities of the national news agenda and the concept of reputation. It often happens that in Kazakhstan the most seasoned and experienced public relations specialists, who are considered professionals in their field, often encounter a phenomenon better known as "fakap".

Interactions between a journalist and a PR specialist have a particularly close connection with each other. But the relationship itself can be correlated from the level of ideally built to negligible. Nazym as a person who quickly and systematically keeps her finger on the pulse within 24 hours, always willingly comes into contact with absolutely any work issues, despite the fact that any other PR specialist in her place would prefer to bypass or ignore such questions.

Nazym improves her professional knowledge through self-training, uses the latest developments in her work and has the excellent skills in business negotiations, as well as in the explanation of specifics and analysis of each case, which ultimately involuntarily forms a positive image of the organization she represents.
The representative office of MIA "Russia Today" in the Republic of Kazakhstan (website Sputnik Kazakhstan - notes the high professionalism, openness and communication of Zhangazinova Nazym Zhanibekovna during her work as the official representative of the creative center "DimashAli" artist Dimash Kudaibergen. The Arnau World Tour ran from November 2019 to March 2020.

Nazym Zhangazinova promptly provided journalists with the necessary information, photos and video materials, and responded to inquiries.

She also informed about updates on the website, where information was posted in three languages.

Respectfully yours, editor-in-chief D. Dosmukhametova
I met Nazym thanks to Facebook. It was impossible not to pay attention to the bright, beautiful and intelligent woman. In addition, I was impressed by the texts of her posts. Good, clear style and the ability to clearly present the essence of the topic. An excellent knowledge of the Kazakh and Russian languages generally won over. She also speaks English at a good level, considering the fact that she studied PR technologies abroad.

When I found out that Nazym Zhangazinova would be involved in PR support of Dimash Kudaibergen's concert tour, I was very happy for the singer. Indeed, she has provided a very professional PR support for the star. Especially I remember when she has quickly reacted to misinformation in the media regarding the termination of Dimash's cooperation with the composer Igor Krutoy.
But, nevertheless, I was surprised when Nazym, in one of the posts before the elections, announced that she had decided to accept the offer to become an official representative of the Adal political party and engage in PR support.

I thought that this girl had made herself a challenge. The promotion of a political party is one of the most difficult cases. This is not only PR and strong anti-crisis communication, but also knowledge of the laws and rules of political technologies.

I became curious and wanted to see how this ambitious but clever woman would cope with such project. In addition, there is a stereotype in our society: "Politics is the territory of the big sharks and, preferably, the male." Moreover, political PR during elections is the territory of a real information war.
A party unknown to anyone before abruptly entered all houses and reached out to all the citizens, making us learn about such promising party of young politicians. Many people decided to join this party and vote for it in a very short period of time.

I saw Nazym as a good strategist and an excellent communicator. She literally "prevented fires" and did not allow them to break out. I well remember how many provocations were associated with this party and how Nazym promptly and competently solved these problems.

Adal was featured in all media and social networks. I noticed that if all parties actively promoted themselves in the media with the "advertisement" badge, then the materials about "Adal" were without it! This is considered a professionalism for a PR specialist. Anyone can post ode about their party in the media for money, but try to promote the topic of the party for free, providing the media with a worthy newsbreak!
Nazym has done it perfectly and naturally.

Me, as a journalist and active citizen, repeatedly sent Nazym requests, asking many questions on the Internet to the leaders of the Adaldyk party, creating not always convenient issues, but sometimes even harsh and unpleasant.

However, I'm instantly received answers to all my questions. Nazym organized everything in a way that the leaders answered personally on the web or live translation. She managed everywhere and it is amazing how much she was involved in the work with the party. She is not only a good strategist, but also a clerk.
I will note that there are very few experts on the PR market who would be fluent in the state language like Zhangazinova. This suggests that Nazym does not translate texts from Russian into Kazakh, but creates them herself and adapts them to the audience.

I recommend Nazym Zhangazinova as a competent specialist. I want to boldly state that I see thayt she is a rising star of Kazakhstani PR. I wish her good luck in everything, new achievements and victories! Together with Nazym, success is guaranteed to any project!
Nazym's course is unique, since all information was presented from the practical point of view! I remembered literally everything, because each lesson was accompanied by a separate case. Each block gave me lots of insights! Nazym showed that PR is much more than I even imagined!
Some of the projects
PR-support of the concert tour
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Dimash Kudaibergen
PR-promotion of the football school
Arda Football
PR-promotion of the Hungarian pavilion
Promotion of TV channel in Kazakhstan
Discovery Channel
Political party campaign
More details
More details
More details
More details
PR-support of the festival
2018, 2019
Baqytty Bala
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New Aeon
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The art of communication is an effective tool for the development of any brand. Without this instrument, it is impossible to achieve success and recognition.
Our communication boutique agency NazymPR is the author of business PR-games
We have set the trend for holding industry business games in Kazakhstan.

Our main goal is to popularize the field of Public Relations, exchange experiences, ideas and solutions with both an audience of young specialists and professionals of the communication market.
A PR game is an interactive intellectual game that includes analysis and modeling of crisis situations in various fields of activity.
In 2021, we managed to hold 8 games in different cities of Kazakhstan, including Nursultan, Turkestan, Aktobe and Taraz.
At the beginning of 2022, our agency officially patented the PR game and became a full-fledged copyright holder.
I have an excellent team with whom we are ready to provide turnkey PR services in completely different areas.
Aidana Ibrayeva
Account manager, project coordinator, PR specialist.
Experience in the field of journalism - 13 years. He specializes in the creation of selling texts, storytelling. Creates Kazakh-language content.
Orken Kenzhebek
Popular Kazakh-speaking blogger, owner of the "Akparat salasyk uzdigi" award, the national award of "People's Favorite" and the award of "People of the Year" of the "Vlast" online magazine, the best blogger according to the award "Nursunkar" and the member of the Chief Editors of the Republic of Kazakhstan club.
Inkar Muldagaliyeva
Copywriter. Creates content, scripts, texts, and organizes events.
Yaro Golyev
Designer, art director. The main specialization is UX / UI design. With his small team, he produce websites, branding & graphic design.
We develop PR strategies. We can come up with a long-term detailed action plan aimed at results, and if necessary, we will accompany this strategy.
We will reply to all your questions in the field of PR, conducting educational trainings.
The presence of news feeds will draw media attention to the activities of your company
Generation of newsbreaks
We will prepare and provide the targeted delivery of press materials in the media database
Writing and distribution of press releases
We will help with the choice and participation in conferences and forums as a speaker / expert / partner
Initiation of speaker and partner participation in industry projects
We will hold any event (or series of events) for the media and opinion leaders
Organization of press conferences and press tours
We will hold the "turnkey" event of the local or international format you need
Organization of business events
We will ensure the release of press materials in the media and among opinion leaders
Initiation of publications
We will carry out personal diagnostics, create an image, corporate identity and promote it in the media
Personal branding
We will contact bloggers and arrange informational support in social media
Working with influencers
We will keep track your brand mentions in the media and social media
We will write welcome speeches, presentations, master classes, reports, lectures and statements
I'm ready to discuss the details and start promoting your brand!
I'm ready to discuss the details and start promoting your brand!
Feedback form
I fulfill my goals and prescribe KPI in the contract.
I work under a confidentiality agreement (NDA).
Agency address
Nur-Sultan, BC Talan Towers, Dostyk ave. 16
I transfer 5% of my earnings on 2 charitable foundations at the client's choice.
Политика конфиденциальности и обработки персональных данных

Настоящая политика конфиденциальности и обработки персональных данных регулирует порядок обработки и использования персональных и иных данных сайта (дальше — Оператор). Действующая редакция настоящей Политики конфиденциальности, постоянно доступна для ознакомления, и размещена в сети Интернет по адресу:

Передавая Оператору персональные и иные данные посредством Сайта, Пользователь подтверждает свое согласие на использование указанных данных на условиях, изложенных в настоящей Политике конфиденциальности.

Если Пользователь не согласен с условиями настоящей Политики конфиденциальности, он обязан прекратить использование Сайта.

Безусловным акцептом настоящей Политики конфиденциальности является начало использования Сайта Пользователем.

1.1. Сайт - сайт, расположенный в сети Интернет по адресу
Все исключительные права на Сайт и его отдельные элементы (включая программное обеспечение, дизайн) принадлежат Оператору в полном объеме. Передача исключительных прав Пользователю не является предметом настоящей Политики конфиденциальности.
1.2. Пользователь — лицо использующее Сайт.
1.3. Законодательство — действующее законодательство Республики Казахстан.
1.4. Персональные данные — персональные данные Пользователя, которые Пользователь предоставляет самостоятельно при регистрации или в процессе использования функционала Сайта.
1.5. Данные — иные данные о Пользователе (не входящие в понятие Персональных данных).
1.6. Регистрация — заполнение Пользователем Регистрационной формы, расположенной на Сайте, путем указания необходимых сведений и отправки сканированных документов.
1.7. Регистрационная форма — форма, расположенная на Сайте, которую Пользователь должен заполнить для возможности использования сайта в полном объеме.
1.8. Услуга(и) — услуги, предоставляемые Оператором на основании соглашения.

2.1. Оператор собирает и хранит только те Персональные данные, которые необходимы для оказания Услуг Оператором и взаимодействия с Пользователем.
2.2. Персональные данные могут использоваться в следующих целях:
2.2.1 оказание Услуг Пользователю;
2.2.2 идентификация Пользователя;
2.2.3 взаимодействие с Пользователем;
2.2.4 направление Пользователю рекламных материалов, информации и запросов;
2.2.5 проведение статистических и иных исследований;
2.3. Оператор в том числе обрабатывает следующие данные:
2.3.1 фамилия, имя и отчество;
2.3.2 адрес электронной почты;
2.3.3 номер телефона (в т.ч. мобильного).
2.4. Пользователю запрещается указывать на Сайте персональные данные третьих лиц(за исключением условия представления интересов этих лиц, имея документальное подтверждение третьих лиц на осуществление таких действий).

3.1. Оператор обязуется использовать Персональные данные в соответствии с Законом «О персональных данных» Республики Казахстан и внутренними документами Оператора.
3.2. В отношении Персональных данных и иных Данных Пользователя сохраняется их конфиденциальность, кроме случаев, когда указанные данные являются общедоступными.
3.3. Оператор имеет право сохранять архивную копию Персональных данных.
Оператор имеет право хранить Персональные данные и Данные на серверах вне территории Республики Казахстан.
3.4. Оператор имеет право передавать Персональные данные и Данные Пользователя без согласия Пользователя следующим лицам:
3.4.1 государственным органам, в том числе органам дознания и следствия, и органам местного самоуправления по их мотивированному запросу;
3.4.2 в иных случаях, прямо предусмотренных действующим законодательством Республики Казахстан.
3.5. Оператор имеет право передавать Персональные данные и Данные третьим лицам, не указанным в п.3.4. настоящей Политики конфиденциальности, в следующих случаях:
3.5.1 Пользователь выразил свое согласие на такие действия;
3.5.2 передача необходима в рамках использования Пользователем Сайта или оказания Услуг Пользователю;
3.6. Оператор осуществляет автоматизированную обработку Персональных данных и Данных.

4.1. Оператор осуществляет надлежащую защиту Персональных и иных данных в соответствии с Законодательством и принимает необходимые и достаточные организационные и технические меры для защиты Персональных данных.
4.2. Применяемые меры защиты в том числе позволяют защитить Персональные данные от неправомерного или случайного доступа, уничтожения, изменения, блокирования, копирования, распространения, а также от иных неправомерных действий с ними третьих лиц.

5.1. К настоящей Политике конфиденциальности и отношениям между Пользователем и Оператором, возникающим в связи с применением Политики конфиденциальности, подлежит применению право Республики Казахстан.
5.2. Все возможные споры, вытекающие из настоящего Соглашения, подлежат разрешению в соответствии с действующим законодательством по месту регистрации Оператора.
Перед обращением в суд Пользователь должен соблюсти обязательный до судебный порядок и направить Оператору соответствующую претензию в письменном виде. Срок ответа на претензию составляет 30 (тридцать) рабочих дней.
5.3. Если по тем или иным причинам одно или несколько положений Политики конфиденциальности будут признаны недействительными или не имеющими юридической силы, это не оказывает влияния на действительность или применимость остальных положений Политики конфиденциальности.
5.4. Оператор имеет право в любой момент изменять Политику конфиденциальности (полностью или в части) в одностороннем порядке без предварительного согласования с Пользователем. Все изменения вступают в силу с момента ее размещения на Сайте.
5.5. Пользователь обязуется самостоятельно следить за изменениями Политики конфиденциальности путем ознакомления с актуальной редакцией.
5.6. Все предложения или вопросы по настоящей Политике конфиденциальности следует сообщать по электронной почте: или по телефонам: 8 (701) 887-83-26, 8 (702) 667 07 00